Summary[edit | edit source]

Tal Vosinii is the capital of the Human Empire. It is the site of the Chosen Emperor, and the heart of their empire. It is situated at the heart of three rivers (list these later), making it the largest trading port for thousands of miles. It contains slightly more than one million citizens. It is built upon the ruins of an ancient Elarian city. It also houses the Corrim Machine.

Districts[edit | edit source]

Tal Vosinii is composed of several districts. The most interior ones are reserved for Imperial business relating to administration, legion training and exercises, and Mage business. The middle areas are for the rich merchants, nobles, and favored of the Emperor. Beyond that, the conditions get consistently worse, until the slum areas near the outer walls. Locals often have their own names for areas. The following are official names used by the Division of Census and Tax Collection.

Catchpenny District[edit | edit source]


Mage's District[edit | edit source]


Pristine Palace[edit | edit source]


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